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Our Jonathan is an old soul. He always has been since the day he was born. When he was only minutes old, while the other babes were wailing and flailing, the Sweetie Pie snapped a photo of Jonathan leaning his fat cheek thoughtfully on his balled up fist.

Last week, as he sat on the monkey bars, he looked at me and said, “Mama, in three days, I will be three years away from 1/10 of 100.” Nothing like hearing your almost-seven-year-old pondering his own mortality.

So how do you say happy birthday to a boy who is 7-going-on-70?

Well, it starts with a morning at the zoo (with a Mama who forgets to bring her camera along. ~sigh) The clear favorite at the zoo? The Gibbon monkeys who swing across the walkway over your head.

You decorate the backyard with lots of balloons, paper chains hanging in the sunflowers, and blue garlands in the grape vines.

You put out lots of flowers cut from the garden, because while your Mama respects that you are a boy, she knows that boys still need fresh flowers at a birthday party. (She tries not to make the arrangements too girly)

And because you are not just any 7-year-old, and because you like fresh veggies, you set out bowls of garden veggies for munching alongside the pizza.

Then you invite all the grandparents, the Godparents, and one special friend over to join in the merry-making.

You ask for (and receive) a mountain of Lego gifts, Star Wars gifts, and Lego Star Wars gifts. (And the next day, you observe that “3/4 of your gifts were Star Wars and 1/2 were Legos”) And, as if that weren’t enough, your Mama and Papa surprise you with a major birthday gift coup–a giant Millennium Falcon (the best $15 they ever spent on a birthday present).

You request (and your Mama makes for you) an Italian Cream Cake with buttercream frosting and raspberries on top.

And just when you think you can’t handle one more bit of fun, your Papa tells you that he has in his possession The Empire Strikes Back, and you spend an afternoon snuggled on the couch between your sister and your Mama watching young Skywalker become a Jedi warrior.

So now you know, should you have an old soul in need of celebrating, exactly how to do it. Unless your old soul is a girl. In which case, I guess I’m not much help.