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For several months now, my creativity in the kitchen has been devoted to my GAPS Diet cooking. GAPS cooking requires much dedication and energy to produce even the most basic meal. If you want it to be satisfying and delicious, you must also give a generous amount of creativity.

This week, however, I’ve been eating chicken soup from the freezer and bland turkey burgers in order to devote my creative energy to two very pressing items–tomatoes and basil–both of which are fairly leaping out of the garden. And both of which deserve to be well-preserved for the coming winter.

What did I make? I’m so glad you asked!

A huge batch of Tomato Basil Sauce that went into the freezer:

This is my new go-to tomato sauce. It makes good use of many pounds of tomatoes and many bunches of basil. It’s a cinch to make (no peeling or seeding required). And it’s versatile, equally at home on toasted bread, or veggies, or pasta.

Several jars of GAPS pesto, also for the freezer:

I’m not sure that you could really call this pesto, because I left out all the nuts and the cheese. But it’s still delicious. And my freezer is well-stocked so that I can enjoy fresh basil way after the snow starts flying.

Honeyed Yellow Tomato Butter, canned for the pantry:

This is a new one. The verdict is still out on whether or not it will be repeated. For now, I’m just satisfied that I made good use of 5 pounds of yellow tomatoes. And I think it will be delicious on corn bread this fall.

And the harvest continues. For each tomato I manage to put up, there are another two waiting out in the garden. And I’ve made nary a dent in the basil patch. It may be another week (or two….or three…..) of frozen soup and bland turkey burgers in order to see the harvest safely tucked away for the winter.

* Friends, I’ve linked the titles above to the recipes in my Plan to Eat recipe book–except for the pesto, because I can’t remember what I put into it. If I make it again I’ll write it down so I can share it :)