How to tell you’ve returned from vacation: the things you need to be empty are full, and the things you need to be full are empty.

Last week was preoccupied with laundry, weeding, grocery shopping, and all of the other things that usually fit nicely into the routine of a week. But after a vacation, they are all screaming to be done at once. Which is more important, clean underwear or oj for breakfast? Pulling the bindweed from the tomatoes, or cooking a real dinner?

My camera sat on the shelf for most of last week. Partly for the above reasons, and partly because the gifts I numbered either couldn’t be photographed (#761. Spring in July), wouldn’t be photographed (#762. A robin bathing joyfully), or shouldn’t be photographed (#770. Pearl sitting quietly on my lap with her blankie and pacifier)

So here is an abbreviated photo-list, of the few gifts that were captured by camera.

And in case you can’t read this last one, it’s Ruby’s list of things she wants in her new room, including (but not limited to) a washbasin, her typewriter, and horses on the walls.

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