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I cast on my newest knitting project just before leaving on vacation. Socks are the perfect thing for knitting in the car–small, compact, relatively mindless once you get the pattern down.

Once again, my handpainted yarn isn’t striping the way it ought to be, though it’s doing a little bit better than my last attempt. Oh well, I’m still pleased as punch.

The yarn is a new yarn from Lorna’s Laces, using a synthetic fiber called Outlast. This fiber was reputedly developed by NASA and has been used by high-end outdoors clothing manufacturers for years. Why the hoity toity fiber in the sock yarn? Because it responds to surrounding temperatures, cooling when it’s too hot, and warming when it’s too cold. Perfect for socks, right?? C’mon, you know you want to try out these socks!

Naturally, the yarn’s a little pricey, but I treated myself to a skein for my birthday.

I’m knitting it up into Ann Budd’s Undulating Rib Socks.

My other bit of creativity this week? I tweaked an older recipe for allergen-free chocolate bark and made…..

GAPS-legal fudge. With coconut and cacao nibs.

Oh, and after I made it? I ate it.

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