Most of last week went as expected, until Friday. We had a plan to take the camper out for the weekend, our first camping trip of the summer. Everything was in order–the reservation, the camper, the van. I’d spent all morning and afternoon preparing GAPS-legal camping food for me, and “normal” camping food for everyone else. The Sweetie Pie would be home in an hour, I was helping the kiddos to pack their bags, and then…

Gabriel threw up.

And that’s how the Sweetie Pie came to be taking Ruby and Jonathan camping, by himself, for Father’s Day weekend. And I sent my camera with the Sweetie Pie, so they could take some photos of their trip to share with the rest of us. So it feels kinda like I have two gift lists this week. On the one hand I am thankful for the fun that half of my family had camping–the things that actually got documented on the camera. On the other hand, I am thankful for the small moments that I had at home with Gabriel and Pearl–which didn’t get photographed, but were numbered in my notebook.

Here, the moments that were captured on camera.

Counting with Ann at