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Last weekend, a dear friend and I packed up our studio projects and headed to the hills. We had 24 hours devoted to our handiwork, which was sheer bliss. I had to think carefully about how I would spend my time, and decided I’d finish up some projects that have been sitting in baskets for way too long. Here, the fruits of my labor.

1. Ruby’s socks–finished! And they even fit, and she loves them.

2. Yarn from disastrous early knitting projects–salvaged! Sad but true, those first knitted items rarely turn out well. I had two sweaters that I’d knitted that fit no one and no one liked. I ripped them out and balled up the yarn.

3. Another early knitting project–completed (kinda) This was a square-a-month afghan that I started a long time ago (there was hair on it that belonged to our dog that died 5 years ago). I thought it would be a good way to learn new knitting techniques. Actually it was just kinda boring. And when I figured out I would be spending $80 on yarn to learn new techniques, I quit. But I had 9 squares mostly done that have sat around for years. It only took an hour or two to stitch them together into a little lap blanket. The kids like this one.

4. Long-awaited Tooth Fairy pillow for Jonathan–delivered!  When Ruby started losing teeth, I let her pick a handkerchief from my vintage hanky collection and I made her a tooth pillow. Of course as soon as Jonathan’s teeth started falling out, he wanted one, too. And do you know he picked the hanky with the roses? And that he was so excited about it and talked about that hanky all week? He’s going to make such a nice husband for some lucky girl one day.

5. Skirt for me–wearable (and adorable)! This is the project I was most excited to finish. For my birthday last year the Sweetie Pie bought me the Alabama Stitch Book and several yards of knit jersey. Handsewing + supersoft knit jersey = love. However, other projects soon distracted me and the skirt lay in the basket, half-finished. Not only have I finished it, but it also fits (perfectly!)

6. Advent tree skirt–hurdled! I didn’t really expect to finish this one–there are still 25 little felt ornaments for me to design and sew! But I did want to get past the bump that was keeping me from working on it–namely all the tedious blanket stitch around those pockets! The boring part is past, and now I can get excited about the fun little ornaments!

And do you know the best thing about finishing up all those projects? There is so much space in my basket now! I’ve already picked up yarn for four more knitting projects *rubbing my hands together eagerly*

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