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Birthday cake is still not on my menu, thanks to GAPS. (That cake in the photos? Not a birthday cake. I didn’t eat a crumb of it.) And in case you’re wondering, a birthday without a birthday cake is a little unsatisfying. But my sweet family found some other ways to wish me a happy birthday last week.

Everyone got up really early to decorate the dining room, and the Sweetie Pie made soup for breakfast! I’ve been eating soup for breakfast for the past two months. This is the first time anyone else has eaten it with me. The kiddos made some charming gifts for me. And there were flowers and balloons–which go a long way to make up for the lack of birthday cake.

Here, a handful of the gifts and beauty from last week.

Several of you thought my “fiber-retreat” was diet-related, which I find to be hugely hilarious! No, friends, we took our needles and yarn and thread and fabrics to the mountains, stayed up way too late, talked way too much, and enjoyed way too much quiet time. And can you believe it? My friend spent her time hand-spinning a birthday gift for me. I’m so excited to start knitting with it!

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