Gabriel has just started noticing letters and that they can be put together to make words. Last week he started copying letters to write “words”.

I was cooking dinner and he approached me with this:

“Mom,” he says, “what does this say?” He points to the letters on the left side of the paper.

“Umm…” I stall for time. “Are you asking me because you don’t know and you want me to read it? Or do you know what it says and you want me to guess?”

He grins big. “I know what it says. I want you to guess!”

“Okay, does it say…Gabriel?”


“Does it say….Gabriel is really smart??”


“Does it say….the rockets are flying over the train??”

“No.” He gets kind of fidgety, like he’s annoyed with me. “I’ll just wait till Papa gets home. I think he knows how to read.”