Can you believe it? I got this entire egress window planted in one afternoon. Things like that just don’t happen around our house. Usually someone is hungry, or has a poopie diaper, or is bleeding and the work must be set aside. But not this time…

And I even had time to make another trip to the greenhouse for pots and plants to put into them.

This time I bought helleborus, for a feature flower (and I love that this variety bears the same name as a dear friend!) and planted it with blue star creeper. In the side pots is kenilworth ivy. And I was so pleased to find that the window that I thought was darker than dark actually gets a full hour of sun first thing in the morning.

My other creative offering this week? A four-course, GAPS-legal dinner for two, of which this is my crowning glory:

I call them Cocoa-nut Truffles, made with organic pure chocolate, coconut oil, coconut butter, raw honey, and vanilla. And they are every bit as delicious as you think they are–maybe even more-so.

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