Around here, we are still working on our Master Basement. We can’t do very much until our carpenter friend comes over to install our built-in storage units. Not much point in getting everything set up, and then having it covered in sawdust, right??

However, I’ve found another job to keep me occupied for a week or two. Since I can’t do anything inside, I’ve turned my attention to the outside.

Our new bedroom has a lovely egress window that the Sweetie Pie installed years ago. It was tough work. He swears that doing that window set his life-span back five years at least. But it is lovely.

At least it could be.

Our egress window is on the north side of our house. Deep hole in the ground + north facing = deepest shade possible. I didn’t have too many hopes for what we’d find that would grow there (mold?). I took the Sweet Pea with me to my favorite local greenhouse. We spent over an hour searching over all of the plants in the shade section, trying this combination and that, until we found what we thought were the most perfect plants. Fingers crossed that they actually take root and grow!

Corydalis to provide some color and fragrance. Hostas for foliage. Carpet Bugle and Sweet Woodruff to fill in the cracks. And white blooming Forget-Me-Nots…just because.

I was a little distressed that the hostas that I wanted (the lovely lime-green ones that set off the corydalis flowers so beautifully) cost $5 more than the other hostas. As I was debating this vocally with myself, the Sweet Pea chimed in with her 8 years of wisdom.

“I think that if the ones that you really, really, really want are a little more expensive, it’s okay to get the ones you really, really want because you’ll enjoy them more.”
So true. I bought the lime green ones.

 Once I brought my bounty home, I couldn’t help setting them out in the window. Then I spent all week moving them around to find the most satisfying arrangement. I think I’m nearly there. I hope to have them all planted this weekend.

And hopefully by the time the plants are snug in the ground, our storage will be underway and we will keep this project moving right along. The kiddos are growing restless in waiting for their own new bedrooms.

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