Our large-ish family is blessed to live in a small-ish house. We love our house. I love that it forces me to ruthlessly cull our stuff. I love that it means that we keep running into each other (sometimes literally) when we’re home. I love that I can clean my entire house in less than an hour. And until recently, I loved that all of our kiddos had to share a bedroom. Yup, four kiddos. One tiny bedroom. It might be a fire code violation.

Recently, our oldest daughter has gotten to an age where she is requesting more privacy than the top bunk affords her. Wanting to be respectful of her growing maturity, we are in the process of trying to carve out a third bedroom from our two-bedroom house.

In order to accomplish this, we are shuffling everyone around a bit. The girls will move into the grown-up bedroom, and the grow-ups will move into the basement, into what used to be my studio. Step One: complete the basement bedroom. This is where my creativity went this week.

Painting walls….

Buying real bedroom furniture (a nightstand that isn’t an upside-down crate!)….

And new bed linens (the Sweetie Pie let me buy a floral duvet cover! What a guy)….

And other “necessities” that I discovered while buying the aforementioned things…..

And figuring out how to fit some built-in storage into a 75-year-old basement with ancient plumbing that meanders around in random and unpredictable places….

We’re still a couple of months out from bedroom #1 (also known as “The Master Basement”) being completed, but we have A Plan in place. Now to just keep it all moving forward.

The Sweet Pea is hard at work on plans of her own. She says, “I was thinking that if I got lots of different colors of paint, then I could paint some butterflies on the walls of my new bedroom.” We need to get these bedrooms settled soon….before she has time to fashion too many more plans.

What is this post all about?

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