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Before attempting the gussets on my first socks, I spent some time researching. I was so glad I had Ann Budd’s informative book in my knitting library! Truly an invaluable resource to me in learning how to knit socks!

Once the gussets were done (which actually were pretty simple), it was just a matter of knitting around and around and making the toe. Sock number one, complete!

Casting on a second sock is something that I could put off for a very, very long time. I made sure to cast on the second one as soon as I removed the first one. Now, to just do it all over again!

I still devoted much creative energy to my GAPS Diet cooking.

And also to the unanticipated cooking that is a by-product of my GAPS cooking. I’m still only using egg yolks in my diet as I can’t tolerate the whites (yet!). So there are cups full of free-range, organic, soy-free egg whites in our fridge. Not about to let them go to waste, last week I made macaroons. This week? Angel food cake.

The Sweetie Pie and the kiddos are all thrilled with my GAPS Diet. They hope I never get to eat egg whites again.

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