Here, the more creative offerings of my week:

I successfully turned the heel on my first sock. Piece of cake (why was that so scary??) Doing the gussets however has proved too difficult to attempt while watching Downton Abbey with the Sweetie Pie. Gussets took a backseat to Edwardian soap operas for a few days.

I picked up my guitar this week, for the first time since our oldest daughter was born (9 years ago!) I even learned a new song. Jonathan, upon hearing me play, “Wow, Mom! You’re good!” It’s nice to have fans.

And of course there was still all of that creativity poured out in the kitchen, cooking for my GAPS diet. I’ve been writing about my GAPS journey in detail on the Plan to Eat blog. This was week 4 on GAPS (GAPS is still winning, but I’m closing in on it).

What’s this post all about?

Joining Jennifer, at Sneak Peek Friday