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Friends, thanks for joining me in my “studio” today. I had to search a little harder than usual to find where my creative energy went this past week. It’s not exactly what I thought I’d be doing with my hoity toity BFA degrees, but here’s what I found:

A birthday cake

Overgrown shrubbery, trimmed and tidied

A few more inches on the socks (and hallelujah! When I switched needle sizes that lovely orange started to creep around to the other side)

But really, most of my energy went into a whole lot of cooking for my GAPS Diet (why, yes, I do know how to render beef fat)

So long as GAPS continues to kick my butt, I guess I am resigned to the bulk of my creativity being poured out in the kitchen. I would be okay with that, except for those really fun socks that my fingers are itching for….

Joining Jennifer In the Studio