My friends, when I mentioned last week, in an “Oh, by the way…” sort of fashion, this new healing diet that I’m starting, I really did not fully comprehend the implications of that statement.

This past week has felt something like the first week at home with a newborn baby. This thing is consuming all of my attention, all of my energy, and every bit of my mental space. And it feels strange to venture out somewhere and see the world moving on while I’m standing still. I guess what I’m trying to say is, this diet is intense. I thought I was prepared. Perhaps I was as well-prepared as I could have been (because how do you really prepare your mind and body for such a shock?) but I didn’t expect to be knocked on my kiester all week.

Anyway, it is for this reason that I have very little to bring to the creative-show-and-tell this week. My energy has been absorbed elsewhere–creating pot after pot of soup, creating shopping lists and food plans, creating new cells in the lining of my gut for goodness sake!I did manage to get to a little bit of knitting on the socks. The Sweetie Pie and I spent our evenings lying around watching BBC serials. I managed to get a bit done before needing the next needle size, which I didn’t have.

The lovely orange in the yarn is pooling on one side, which makes me just a bit sad. Alas, the dangers of using handpainted yarns. The only remedy I know of is starting over with a different needle size. If anyone knows any other tricks (that don’t involve starting over), I sure would like to hear them.

Next week begins stage 2 of the GAPS diet. And I now have the next needle size to continue on the socks. Onwards and upwards!

Joining Jennifer in the Studio this weekend: