“D’you know, Georgie,” Uncle Analdas said, settling back comfortably in the deep grass, “that there song you’ve been a-singin’ at all day–it ain’t much of a song and it ain’t much of a tune, but there’s real good sense to it, though you probably don’t know it. And I’ll tell you why–because there always is new Folks comin’, that’s why. There’s always new Folks comin’ and always new times comin’…

“There’s Good Times, Georgie, an’ there’s Bad Times, but they go. An’ there’s Good Folks an’ there’s Bad Folks, an’ they go too–but there’s always new Folks comin’. That’s why there’s some sense in that song you keep a-singing’–though it’s real tedious otherwise, real tedious.”

Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson