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Last week’s cowl has been blocked, tied up, and delivered to its intended recipient (who tells me she’s thrilled with it).

I picked out my next knitting project and even bought yarn at our local fiberfest last weekend. My fingers itch to get started.

And yet, I haven’t been able to gratify my hands with needles and yarn this week. No, this week my creative energy was consumed by something very different. Something that would be mundane, except that I’m choosing to see the glory in it and to celebrate the creation.

This week I’ve created:

Six weeks of lesson plans, well-laid out.

Project supplies, hunted and gathered.

Books, collected and shelved.

Activity sheets, photocopied.

Soon enough I’ll be moving lessons around, crossing out the things we didn’t get to, rearranging projects that need more time than I’ve given them. Soon enough these well-laid plans will go awry. But for now, they are shiny and full of hope. For now, everything is ready for six more weeks of school.

Everything except for the children, who have devoured their long hours of unstructured play time, and seem not-quite-ready to resume their lessons.

And the knitting? Hopefully I’ll have something on the needles for next Friday.

Joining Jennifer In the Studio, adding my creative efforts to all the others’.