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God is a God of love, therefore we love.

God is a God of truth, therefore we hunger for truth.

When God created us, He formed us in His image. We are a reflection of what He is. Sometimes I can recognize qualities in myself, and then use this recognition to understand God better. Other times I can apply this in the other direction, taking something that I see in God, and, knowing that I am created in His image, search for that quality in me.

And so if I say, “God is a God who creates,” you can take that one of two ways (actually you could take it a lot of different places, but for my purposes here, we’re only going with two.) You might be a person who thinks of herself as “creative”. Maybe you like to sew, or cook, or bake, or weave, and maybe you have some level of skill at it and so people are always admiring your work and telling you “You’re so creative!” You’ve been encouraged in this part of who you are, and you feel comfortable and confident there. You can use this thing you understand about yourself, and better understand God.

Or, you might be a person who says, “There is not a creative bone in my body.” Maybe you like math, or fixing cars, or organizing your closet. Maybe when you were in second grade the kid sitting next to you told you that your self-portrait looked like a chicken wearing an apron and you were discouraged. So you told yourself that God makes some people creative and others not, and found something else that you could do well that other people couldn’t. In this case, you will need to take this thing you know about God, and use it to better know yourself.

Because if God is a creative God, doesn’t that make us a creative people?

Why is a handknit scarf called “creative” and a geometrical proof “not”? Why is a decorated cake more creative than a well-built house frame? Or a perfectly poured sidewalk?

If you are a person who has thought of yourself as a little less-than in the creative department, I’d like to challenge you to rethink that assumption. God is a creative God, and He has made you in His image. That creativity is His mark on you, inside of you. As His image-bearer, you, too, are creative.

Yes, you! You are creative.

What does that word “creative” mean but that you create something–anything–and find joy in it? A balanced checkbook, an insightful thesis paper, a rebuilt car engine, a delicious alfredo, a laundry line fluttering with clean clothes.

I happen to be one of the fortunate ones who was encouraged in my creative pursuits from a young age. My endeavors fit into that popular, narrow definition of “creative” and I was praised for my efforts. It’s no surprise I ended up at a private art college, a double major in fashion design and fiber arts.

So last week I received an invitation from Jennifer to join her “In the Studio” on Fridays. I really wanted to, and I was flattered to be invited, but I told myself I just didn’t have the time. Besides, my current creative efforts feel a little “less than” what my former (read: before babies) efforts looked like. It’s easy for me to make light of them.

But my spirit felt a tug at the invitation. And I especially longed for the creative community.

So, I said yes.

And so I’ll be sharing here weekly something creative that my hands have done. And in doing so, I am laying claim to all those creative efforts from my week, elevating them even, from something mundane and ordinary and “less than” to something that is worthy of celebration and praise.

Just as we love because He first loved us, we create because He first created us. And so my creative offerings are gifts from Him, offered back unto Him. And that is what makes them worthy.

My hope is that by sharing my own offerings, you will begin to recognize your own, and to celebrate them and take joy in them. Or maybe even to find a new offering (always wanted to learn ballroom dancing? Gardening? Pasta making? Why not?) My hope is that by sharing my creative heart, your own creative heart will be blessed and inspired.

Photos of my current knitting project. Honey Cowl by Madeline Tosh, in Cascade Yarn 220 Wool.

Linking up with Jennifer, In the Studio Sneak Peek Friday