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I don’t always have the time to post all of my thanksgiving photos. But I’ve built up a critical mass of the ones I haven’t posted. Looking at them, I was reminded of how much joy each of these moments gave me. I had to post them.

Here, a little sprinkling of some grace-filled moments of the past few weeks.

Final tomato harvest, gathered in before the frost….

Gabriel’s interpretation of Noah, under a rainbow…

Pearl, intent on drawing….

First snowstorm of the season (and for our family’s safety during the storm)….

And for what was under the snow (still), once it melted….

Pearl, contained (by her own choice and much effort)….

A pretty scarf, once worn by a much-loved aunt….

Snuggling into a carseat….

Afternoon snack…

Feet that almost reach the pedals…

Sunny window, warming the room….

Satisfying crunch of chopping leeks….