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This is birthday season in our house. In one week alone our family has three birthdays. We usually have a combined celebration, where all the birthday boys can be honored and appreciated at once.

This year I decided that it was also a good idea to have individual celebrations for the two boys that live under our roof. So shortly after this fun-filled, joyful celebration I spent hours cooking a special dinner for my Sweetie Pie husband. It did not go well. The only thing that turned out okay was the store-bought ice cream. This sounds funny, but I assure you I wasn’t laughing.

And after that, I was in bed for 12 hours, sick as a dog, and missed church on Sunday.

I tell you this so that you can know I’m a real person. That just because I post pretty pictures of fun things I did this weekend, does not mean that I did not also have my share of tears and frustration that I didn’t photograph. But there is something wonderful in sifting through my days to find the treasures. And the juxtaposition makes the bright ones shine all the more.

Here, some of the ones I found:

Jonathan asking to hold Pearl (and Pearl letting him)….

Morning fog, sugar coating tree branches…

Special birthday “breakfast” (birthday breakfasts usually qualify as dessert on other days)…

Pearl, delighted with her “grown-up” cup and straw…

Bounty of french fries….

Son who ate most of them….

Grampas who enjoy homemade birthday cards…

Grammies who know how to buy good gifts….