Moving (Kinda)

I’m kinda tired of paying WordPress to host my tiny little blog, so I’m moving to a free address. All the old content should still be available, and maybe someday my baby will stop teething and I’ll start posting some pretty pictures again.

Anyway, if you want to search for something old, or hang around in hopes of something new, you can find Empty to Fill here from now on.

What Was in the Garden

Gabriel, who is 7, is occasionally prone to telling tall tales. The foundation of his stories are almost always based in reality, but somewhere along the way the facts get derailed into fantasy.

So when he looked out the window one morning from the breakfast table and said, “There’s a turkey in the garden!” no one took it very seriously. Probably a dog. Or a raccoon.

But no. It was a turkey. In the garden.


We have no idea where it came from. We let him eat some slugs and sample some lettuce, but when he started on the strawberries we had to chase him off.



Nothing tempts me to blow ten bucks like a bunch of peonies. I can talk myself out of pretty much every other non-essential purchase. But peonies give me so much joy that they are worth the expense.


I was pleased to discover that Ruby shares my passion. At least that’s the only explanation I could come up with for why there were a couple dozen photos of my most recently acquired bouquet of peonies on my camera.

Some of them were a little blurry, but glorious none-the-less. Like whipped cream with raspberries. Delicious.

Love from Moab


We just returned from spring break in Moab. And because Ruby spent the whole time looking for someone to slap hands with her and play Concentration, that set the rhythm for both the trip and the ditty I composed in its honor. Find a partner and sing along!

Five kiddos
Five days
Pop-up camper
Tent in the shade

Four mile hike
Dino tracks!
Long way down
Don’t look back

Flat tire
Papa pumps
Curious horses
They look stumped

Arches! Canyons!
Dust and wind
Strange new sights
Around each bend

One more stop?
I think we can!
and Moab Man


And…..I’m still working on the last verse. Something about leaving a trail of dust so that we can find our way back again soon. Suggestions??


Keeping Me Humble

A few weeks ago, when I was tucking Gabriel into bed, I noticed he had strung up some colorful bits of paper from the underside of the top bunk.

Me: This is nice. What did you make here?
Gabriel: It’s the planets!
Me (swelling ever-so-slightly with pride in my sharp-minded homeschooled boy)Oh, that’s neat! (I point to the one hanging by my nose) Which one is this?
Gabriel: That’s Hoth(brief pause while my mind realizes it’s in a completely different solar system and tries to reorient itself). And that one’s Naboo. And there’s Tatooine….

Moral: never assume your son is anything more than a Star Wars crazed seven-year-old. Even if he is homeschooled.


I like that my kids can take photos of each other that I could never get away with myself. For this reason, I’m always amused at what I find on my camera.


For example, when one sibling is feeling a little grumpy, it’s perfectly acceptable for an older sibling to grab the camera and start shooting.


But a Mama could never be so bold.


Don’t worry. He got over it. Whatever “it” was.


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